Davinci DVC Speedmaster 170HR Plus Canvas Stretching Machine

Ön Sipariş Davinci DVC Speedmaster 170HR Plus Canvas Stretching Machine


Our own manufacture DaVinci Canvas Stretching Machine is able to work horizontally

Weight of the machine - 100kg (shipping weight - 115kg)

Compressed air : 6 Bar - 8 Bar

No electricity is needed.

Shipping package dimensions - 175cm*65cm*50cm

Easy and comfortable operation.

1,5cm - 2cm excess canvas is enough for stretching canvas.

There are 4 functional stretch height adjusting legs.

Working chassis height range - 2-6 cm ( the machine works on wooden frames )

Minimum size for stretching - 20cm*20cm

Maximum size for stretching - 150*150cm

Needed working space for machine - 250x250 meters (If your working place is vertical then prefer the models which are vertical)

High security - if you put your hand between the chin by accident then it won’t hurt you and won’t press your hand. (It’s only valid for DVC Speedmaster 170HR Plus. Don’t try it with other machines !)

Speed - Staple gun and cutter go back to their place automatically after nailing and cutting process , so you won’t need to push them back. (Valid for DVC Speedmaster 170HR Plus)

Fully automatic pneumatic gun - You won’t need to press the trigger everytime , it’s only enough to hold down while progress

There is no need to cut excess canvas out. (Davinci Canvas Stretching Machine is the only machine which can stretch the canvas and also cut the excess canvas in one operation. The machine has own blade for cutting process.)

Semi-skilled, non-technical operator is required for operation.

Fast operational times. (For example ;if you want to make 70cm*100cm canvas picture, the whole process takes only 50-60 seconds.

DVC Speedmaster 150 can do gallery wraps.

400 gallery wrapped canvases can be ready in 8 hours (50cm*70cm canvas) (The excess canvas is trimmed)

DVC Speedmaster 170HR Plus includes Bostitch staple machine.

Worldwide shipping with DHL Express




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