Davinci Canvas Stretching Machine 520HR200 max

YENİ Ön Sipariş Davinci Canvas Stretching Machine 520HR200 max

New 200cm Davinci Canvas Stretching Machine 520HR200 max SPEEDMASTER 520HR200 max

SPECIFICATIONS DaVinci Canvas Stretch Machine, which is our own production, can work HORIZONTALLY. Working frame height range - 1.5cm 6cm (0.59'' 2.40'')(machine works on wooden frames) Minimum size for stretching - 15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6'') (if using a thin stretching bar) Maximum size for stretching - 200cm x200cm (79'' x 79'') There is no table in the machine! Davinci canvas stretching machines are produced and sold only by our company. We do not have any dealers. While our other machines are made entirely of steel, this machine is made of aluminum and steel and its weight has been reduced to 65 kilograms. It has a manual stapler and cutter suitable for professional use. (optional automatic stapler machine can be installed) This machine can be used on the table. No stands! Since there are no electrical, electronic or magnetic parts in our machines, you have the chance to intervene in the machine yourself. You do not need technical service, you do not need to wait for technical service and stop production. This will save you both time and money. The 80 series staples in our machines are the staples you can find all over the world. Weight of the machine - 65 kg (shipping weight - 84 kg) Dimensions of stretching machine Length: 200 cm Width 35 cm Height 14 cm Easy installation in 2 steps Installation guide, user manual and more. Compressed air: 6.5 Bar - 8 Bar 95 Psi - 115 Psi (compressor not included) There is no need for electricity. Shipping package dimensions - 230cm w 45cm d 30 h cm Easy and comfortable operation. 2cm - 2.5cm (0.80'' 1'') - Excess canvas is enough to stretch the canvas. There are 4 functional flexible height adjustment legs. DVC Speedmaster 520HR200 max includes Manual BEA stapler. Worldwide shipping via DHL Express or FEDEX




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  • Ürün Kodu: Dvc Speedmaster 520HR200 max
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